July 7, 2022

Best Jobs in Canada for Nigerian | Apply for Work Permit 2022

Do you intend to apply for jobs in Canada in 2022 from Nigeria? If so, there are numerous work opportunities for Nigerians in Canada. Each year, Canada allows thousands of job seekers from all over the world, including Nigerians, to work. If you wish to work as a Nigerian in Canada, follow the instructions below.

Many Nigerians have been misled by so-called immigration agents who promise to assist them in finding a well-paying jobs. However, those agents are a waste of time and money because they cannot provide jobs in Canada. So, in this piece, we’ll try to walk you through the complete process and applying for jobs in Canada in 2022.

How do Nigerians get jobs in Canada?

1. Create an Attractive Resume

As a newcomer from Nigeria, your resume is essential for landing interviews and advancing your career. Employers prefer to read highlights of your job experience on Canadian resumes, which are formatted in a typical manner, rather than long lists of positions you’ve held. Instead of sending the same generic resume to every job posting, you come across, consider tailoring your CV to each job opportunity.

2. Search in Job Portals

There is a great government job board available for a better job search in Canada. You can search for the latest job vacancy in Nigeria as well. Hundreds of jobs are updated on daily basis. You can focus on job openings that are a good fit for your work experience and area of interest.

3. Recruitment Agencies for Immigration Service

If you are applying from Nigeria, recruitment companies in Canada may be able to assist you in finding the right position. From documentation to job applications to visa preparation to final departure, several recruitment companies offer the best services.

Eligibility For Getting A Working Visa in Canada from Nigeria

You will be accepted into a pool of candidates if you meet the qualifying requirements of one of Canada’s federal immigration programs.

  • Formal employment offer: You must have obtained a written job offer from your prospective employer to be eligible for a Canadian working visa. To ensure that a foreigner does not enter Canada under false pretenses, a written job offer is required.
  • Eligibility Proof: Documents such as a curriculum vitae (CV) or a Réaume must be shown.
  • Identity Proof: Applicants must provide proof of identity in the form of an international passport.

High Demanding Jobs in Canada for Nigerians in 2022

Farm Labourer Jobs
Fruit Picker/Packer Jobs
Factory Workers
Cook/Chef Jobs
Dish Cleaners/Washers
Housekeeping Jobs
Baby Sitting Jobs
Farming/Agriculture Jobs and many more

Thousands more applicants from various countries have applied for the same job. You must have at least one skilled profession or experience that companies will value to have a better probability of earning a job offer.

Top High Paying Jobs in Canada in 2021

Take a look at the top 15 jobs in Canada with average annual salaries in 2021.

Occupation: Average Annual Salary in CAD
Administrative assistant: $43, 875
Customer service representative: $34, 125
Sales associate: $37, 050
Driver: $44, 234
Accounts payable and receivable clerk: $34, 750
Registered nurse: $80, 126
Project manager : $90, 675
Electric engineer: $74, 997
Software developer: $85, 600
Merchandiser: $31, 346
Accountant: $58, 500
HR manager: $78, 975
Financial advisor: $77, 739


Nigerians are welcomed with open arms in Canada, making it an excellent place to live and work. You can also find suitable work and receive an invitation from the firm from the comfort of your own home. however, a cover letter is an important document that goes into further detail about your personal traits, credentials, and abilities.

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