Best Nigerian Thanksgiving Songs For 2020

Best Nigerian Thanksgiving Songs For 2020

In the past year, there are songs that kept us all in gratitude to God as we always do here in Nigeria. If I ask you to list out for me your top thanksgiving songs of last year, what would your list look like?

I have just one question to ask you. How do you thank God?

Okay, let’s start from what I think was the top thanksgiving songs in Nigeria music last year and why.

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Mgbomgbo Ekele (thanksgiving) – By St. Greg (ft. Victor Ike)

This song made the list as one of the best thanksgiving theme song for 2020/2021. St. Greg, featuring Victor Ike, took thanksgiving songs to an all new height, both lyrically, great video, choreography and interpretation of the song.

It’s one thing to be grateful for what the Lord has done for you. It’s entirely a whole new ball game when you thank Him profusely like this song is inspiring us to do. 2020 was a tough year for the whole world, but St. Greg is telling us, there’s something to be thankful for.

Omeriwo – By Sammie Okposo

Sammie didn’t leave anyone in doubt about what your thanksgiving should be about. Sometimes, we thank God generally and it’s all good. But there are times when your thanksgiving has to be specific.

Omeriwo is an Igbo word for victory. Sammie is reminding you that in spite of the challenges that you face, you have the victory, because Jesus won for you.

Not forget that, this song also featured Mercy Chinwo and Henrisoul.

Jimmy D Psamist – Lover ft. Prospa Ochimana

This song has to make my list. Although, it’s more of a personal reason but I trust when you hear the song, it will be personal for you too. It a great thanksgiving song, but more to thank Him for loving you personally.

Do you remember those times you feel you don’t actually deserve the love God showed you. This song replays those moments, and for me, with tears in my eyes I just sing along. It’s personal and you know it will be for you too,

Chinedum – By Mercy Chinwo

Another personal thanksgiving song, I must confess. This song can take you to the moon and back in just one breath. It’s the best of Chinwo’s expressions to God. If you understand Igbo language very well, this song would wow you off your feet every time.

The title tells all the story too clear. Chinedum means God lead me. And Chinwo drove the message deep and I love her repeated phrase in the song: “He’s taking me higher”. Once you acknowledge that God is leading you, the only expected result is that He will take you higher.

Samsong – E Dey Work

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. And Samsung didn’t leave us in doubt of that. This song – e dey work, is a perfect expression of the power of God in our lives.

This song explores one of He best form of showing gratitude, by testifying. Samsong gave us what to testify about even when you don’t know what to thank God for. The things we do as Christians, the reason we do them, and the result we get. That’s all the reasons we should thank God.

Pat Uwaje-King – Jehovah Daalu

This song can make you cry and at the same time smooth your spirit. Pat Uwujele-King gave this her best. It’s an amazing thanksgiving song, perfectly rendered in a non central Igbo dialect. To get the full meaning you should be watching her video to fully get the message even if you are Igbo.

But who wouldn’t want to thank God for his mercies. Has God been merciful to you? Pat Uwazie-King says, thank Him for it. And that’s what you should do today. Take a time to profusely thank God for showing you Mercy, even when you really doesn’t deserve it.


I can go on and on to share so many amazing thanksgiving songs that you may probably never even heard of. But I have to stop here. Maybe, next time we would continue from where I stopped to show you many more other songs that helps you thank God with depth.

Finally, I’m closing this piece with my first song on this list – Mgbongbo (Thanksgiving) by St. Greg. That’s what this article is about and that’s what I have to say to God today – thank you Lord!



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