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BIAFRA: “I am not Ekeremadu, Nobody Can Intimidate Me” Wike Blast Nnamdi Kanu

BIAFRA: “I am not Ekeremadu, Nobody Can Intimidate Me” Wike Blast Nnamdi Kanu

Following the recent ban on the activities of The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB by the River state Governor Nyesom Wike.

The governor has said that his life has been under threat ever since he proscribed the activities of the group last week.

Speaking on Monday during a live special interview on AIT, Wike noted that he can never be intimated by the leadership of the IPOB adding that he proscribed the group when he could no longer condone the excesses of IPOB in Rivers State.

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In his words:

“Some of them are sending me text – some from America – that they will deal with me,” Wike said.

“I am not Ekeremadu (Ike). You cannot harass me.

“I’m not Amaechi (Rotimi).

“I dare anybody who is IPOB member.”

He added:

“We are calm because of the position that we occupy.

“You cannot intimidate me. I am not that kind of governor. Nobody, nothing like that.

“If I go to Europe, I will never even look back.

“Nobody can intimidate me.

“You are killing policemen. What did they do? Is it because they are wearing police uniform?

“You are killing soldiers.

“And you are a riffraff, saying kill any policeman you see on the road. How can anybody say that?

“And then, you went beyond that, to change names of our communities, and putting flag, saying ‘this is our territory’.

“Under my watch? So, you expect me to sit down and allow that?

“No, that is not going to happen.”



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