WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers 2021

WAEC 2021 Mathematics Questions and Answers Objective and Theory
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Are you looking for the 2021 WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers? Then you are at the right place. In this I’m going the share with you WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers for 2021.

WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers 2021. Objective and Essay answers (Expo), for the National examination council (June/July 2021. WAEC Tourism Objective and Essay Answers. This post will provide you with repeated questions as well as the answers to your WAEC Tourism Tourism exam. This post will help you understand the WAEC Tourism objectives and answers.


(Pick Any two)







(i)Tourism products are intangible

(ii)Tourism products are perishable




(i)Provision of electricity

(ii)Construction of Roads

(iii)provision of clean portable water

(iv)improvement in communication





Festival/Heritage Site – State

(i)Sukur – Adamawa

(ii)Eyo – Lagos

(iii)Argungun – Kebbi

(iv)Tinapa Resort – Cross River




Visa is a conditional authorization granted by a territory to a foreigner, allowing them to enter, remain within, or to leave that territory.


(i) name of the person

(ii)expiration date




(i) It provides valuable information in the context of a particular region to entice possible tourists

(ii) It promotes Local Brands

(iii) It generates brand awareness

(iv) It Grows the Local Economy





(i) Television

(ii) Radio



(i) Newspaper

(ii) Magazine



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