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Resign Honorably Now! You’ve Failed Nigerians -Tambuwal Tells Service Chiefs

Resign Honorably Now! You’ve Failed Nigerians -Tambuwal Tells Service Chiefs

Following the incompetence in the Nigerian Service Chiefs and the refusal of Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to sack them, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has called on the Service Chiefs to resign their positions as they have failed to deliver the nation out of insecurity.

Tambuwal made this call while Speaking at a webinar organised by the Emmanuel Chapel with many other Nigerian dignitaries in attendance.

According to him, “There is definitely a need for the service chiefs to give up their offices, either they are sacked by the President who appointed them or by themselves being honourable enough to say we have done our best”

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Further in his speech, the former Speaker noted that the current administration including himself should admit that they have failed in providing security for the nation adding that more personnels should be employed as Nigeria is under-policed.

“We must as a leadership admit that we are failing, and in this case, I mean the centre is failing in providing that leadership.”

“It is not rocket science; it can be done. We need to recruit more hands and there are many patriotic Nigerians, eminently qualified, able-bodied people that are ready and willing to serve this country in our security agencies. We know Nigeria is under-policed, so what is difficult in employing more hands?”

He went on to remind the President that none of the Service Chiefs are indispensable if they are found not capable in their field as no challenges faced by a nation can be addressed only by few selected individuals.

“No one of us is indispensable. No single individual has the monopoly of knowledge of how to address the challenges we are facing as a nation, more so with insecurity, especially with the fact that they have been tested over the years. The same set of people and we have seen the outcome of their efforts.”


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